Friday, January 21, 2011

More Cheap Eats, Fun & Friends

I went to Govinda's again last night... yes I know what you're thinking, I'm addicted. You'd be right too, I really am - what do they put in their food? I swear there's some sort of narcotic in there that keeps drawing me back in!

I met with my good friends from Kildare, Rob and Katie. They are not vegan, but love veggie and vegan food. Katie has successfully been a vegetarian now for the last 6 months and admitted to being surprised that she hasn't missed meat one bit. She is an excellent cook so I'm not surprised! It was the first time I'd seen my friends since Christmas so we exchanged gifts over a lovely meal. They gave me a book you're all probably quite familiar with called Vegonomicon, which I was ecstatic about! I've never managed to obtain a copy and have only heard good things about it - it's meant to be the Bible of vegan cookery books and I can't wait to start trying out the recipes.

As for the meal - Govinda's impressed me as always. I got Sweet & Sour Veg, Cous Cous, Broccoli & Carrot, Beetroot, and Chickpea Salad. OMGosh it was good. My friends also got the Vegetarian Lasagne and the Paneer dishes, which they said were really tasty. Here's a picture of my plate, the Broccoli & Carrot mix was actually my favourite part. I have no idea how they managed to make it taste so amazing, but it really was! The Sweet & Sour was not like the conventional type of Chinese Sweet & Sour that immediately springs to mind when you think of that kind of dish, but had a more subtle "curry-esque" flavour which was neither too sweet nor too sour. Perfect!


  1. That does look like a tasty, tasty plate! All those veggies! And the Veganomicon is a great book. Enjoy!

  2. Bianca: It was too good! I am addicted to Govinda's and I bet you'd love it there too! I do wish we lived closer to eachother!! I've been flicking through the Veganomicon and I'm going to try their pineapple and cashew quinoa stir fry very soon as my first recipe.

    The boyfriend is doing a veganised version of Chicken Ginger Curry tonight. Can't wait to try it. He's putting lentils and chickpeas in for me, and he's been marinading them in garlic, lime juice, ginger and lots of different herbs and spices and is going to add them to coconut milk (will put recipe up!).

    Pixierose: Hell yeah it was! ;) x