Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Can't Beat the Beatty!

[Picture has disappeared?!! No idea where it went!! It was here for weeks!!]

So a friend and I went to the Chester Beatty Library in town today and decided to try out the Silk Road Café in the building. The staff were quite helpful when I mentioned I was a vegan and told me that the Falafel Sandwich and the Salads were fine for me to eat. I ended up getting a lovely big plate of mixed bean and chickpea salad, roasted vegetables, lettuce and different types of olives. It was a little pricey at just over €8.00, but it did taste very good! My friend is a vegetarian and he chose a puff pastry covered spinach pie. I'm not sure what was in it that made it unsuitable for vegans as I didn't ask - all I could really identify as unsuitable was a tiny cube of feta cheese on the top. I'd definitely eat there again if I was at the gallery but wouldn't go out of my way especially to eat there again, even though the atmosphere is pleasant and there is free guest wifi.


  1. I love the Chester Beatty. That plate looks delicious!

  2. Puff pastry almost always contains eggs and/or butter.

  3. Tea&S: Yes I think it was YOU that recommended it to me!

    Anon: Ah really? I don't tend to have anything puff pastry unless I eat out somewhere that specifies its vegan food, or unless it's in something premade that I know is vegan (e.g. Linda McCartney sausage rolls). It's a good job I avoided it then! My veggie friend thought it was delicious though, and to be fair it wasn't offered to me as a vegan option, but I wasn't sure if that was only because of the feta cubes on top. Now I'll know to avoid at all costs if I am unsure! :)