Thursday, January 20, 2011

Give Me Govindas!

I've been to Govinda's a few times recently while out and about in Dublin doing some shopping in the sales. I'm even due to go AGAIN tonight to meet a couple of friends. Here's a photo of a typical plate, costing €8.50 - a bargain if you ask me - Spinach & Butterbean Bake, Curried Chickpeas and two salads. The bake was utterly delicious, with its creamy butterbeans blended with wholesome spinach and topped with crispy breadcrumbs. The curried chickpeas were nice and rather like a mild chana massala, but kinda average, a dish I could easily cook at home... not that that's a complaint, it's a compliment seeing as it's hard to get a meal when you're out and about that is healthy, hearty and has that homecooked feel about it. The salads were a nice accompaniment as they were very fresh tasting and provided an excellent palate cleanser when alternating between the two dishes.

I've had a couple of mouthwatering soups there too in the recent past - including Garden Pea soup, and Lentil soup. The lentil was quite salty and they warned me of this beforehand and offered me a taster before ordering it, but I love salty things so it went down well with me. It was very comforting, warming food. A dish I've sampled there recently that I also do not have a photo of is their Vegan Shepherd's Pie, made with lentils, which was definitely another hit.

Pop along to the Govinda's on Abbey Street if you get the chance - I really do prefer it now to the one on Aungier Street which I always used to go to. They always seem to have a better selection of food, the staff are lovely, it isn't overly busy (maybe a forgotten gem?), and their seating arrangement is far nicer with little booths or alcoves made with back-to-back sofa type seats, which makes it much more intimate. If I worked in town I'd eat here all the time as it's always super tasty and you get a good variety of food on a huge plate, at an astounding price.


  1. I have just one issue with Govindas and it is the lack of vegan options and different options. Every time I go there it is always the same options and they seem to not care too much about having more vegan stuff. When I was baking the cupcakes to them it was the only vegan dessert available too. But I haven't being there for a while and hope it's getting better.

  2. You're right, I've never seen a vegan dessert there: then again I've never seen a DESSERT there?! I'm always way too full after main course to have a dessert so I've never really even thought about it!

    I am disappointed their mango lassi is not vegan, and is made with dairy yoghurt. They could easily make a vegan version...

    I have found in the past that Govindas on Aungier Street / Georges Street lacks options. We've gone in there wanting samosas, burgers, spring rolls etc. only to be informed that they have none in stock. That place only ever really seems to have the subji and rice... but on Abbey Street they really seem to have upped their game and always have quite a few things on offer :)

  3. Oh, and the samosas on Aungier Street weren't vegan too. I don't know if they've changed it, but they were made with butter.

    But in the end of the day it's a cheaper option in this expensive city ;-P

  4. Oh really? I never knew that, I just assumed they were vegan... not that I've actually eaten them for a long time! Most samosas ARE vegan, even supermarket ones, so it's really surprising and quite bad if you think about it :(

    And yes, DEFINITELY the best value vegan and veggie place in Dublin - no contest!