Monday, December 20, 2010


Sorry I've been so bad with the updates... I've been working extra days recently, and of course have lots of things to do as Christmas is approaching.We had a Christmas party last weekend and things got pretty mad, which was quite unexpected seeing as it was meant to be just a few people over for a couple of drinks... but that's the way we roll! ;-)

Here's myself and the G-dog. He's dressed in his little Christmas jumper ready for the party, with his little elf-booties. I know, I know, I'm really mean to him, right? C'mon though, it's Christmas, and he'll be getting a stocking full of lovely treats to make up for it!

Here's a photo of what I'm putting in his stocking: a little kitty toy from Ikea, a new lead, some vegetable based toothbrush shaped chews, and my father sent over three packs of "Organic Pet" vegetarian mini biscuits in three different flavours (mint, sundried tomato & spinach, and banana). They aren't exactly vegan as they have honey in them - but they are healthy treats for him so I'm sure he'll be very happy!

Human food-wise, here's a photo of two new packets of soup I found in Aldi, by Soupreme. The vegetable and minestrone ones are vegan - you have to cook them up in a pot with some boiling water, and they are essentially just a big cuppa soup, nothing special and certainly not very healthy... but they are good for a quick snack with some barley, rice and lentil "soup mix" added into them to add some substance. The other packet is a fake chorizo tortilla flavouring from Aldi, which you are meant to add into an egg tortilla - I was thinking it's probably possible to make a tofu-based tortilla, so I'll be giving that a go soon :)

So anyway, I'm sorry for the lack of proper vegan cooking in this update, as always recently, I am way too busy to be experimenting in the kitchen and have just been sticking to making things I've always made: bolognaise, thai curries, pasta and rice dishes, veggie sausages with beans and waffles, etc. I've been trying to get back into eating salad a bit more too.

Hope you are all well and looking forward to the Christmas holidays!


  1. Love Gerry's outfit. Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!

  2. Thanks hun! I had a great time, although I couldn't travel home to Wales because of the snow so I missed my father greatly. My partner's family also didn't want Gerry in their house over Christmas which was a bit of a let-down, because I felt so sorry for him when I had to leave him on Christmas eve and day. It was bitterly cold in the snow and I had to trudge so often between our two houses, it was horrible! Then my partner was back to work the day after Boxing/Stephens' Day, so he wasn't really in a Christmassy mood either! New Years Eve was amazing though, really made up for it! Which was surprising as NYE is usually hyped so much that it ends up being a flop... but we went out with some friends and had a really good night in Dublin.

    Did you have a lovely holiday?

    I aim to get back to blogging a lot more now. Just got an iPhone so I'm going to be able to take some half decent photos of food that I eat when I'm out and about now :)