Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marlay Soup Stall

At the Food Market in Marlay Park they now have a soup stall that sells some vegan soup! I tried the deliciously creamy broccoli soup, and could have eaten at least another three bowls full! There was also a vegan mushroom soup, a vegetarian spinach soup and a tomatoey-oniony kind of soup which I was dismayed to discover had sausages in it! For €3.50 you get a reasonably large takeaway pot of your choice of soup, a large half-slice of wholesome brown bread (although I'm sure you could ask for two if you wanted!), topped with herb & cruton garnishes. My friends and I also bought vegan almond & hazelnut cookies from the Blazing Salads stall, falafels, and many other kinds of cakes. Next time I come here I am going to try the tabbouleh and baba-ganoush from the falafel stall.

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