Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lush Foundation & Blemish Control

Lush have recently brought out vegan Colour Supplements for the face. They come in very small pots and can be blended with your favourite moisturiser to give your skin a nice glow and even-coverage, or can be used on their own to hide blemishes. If you have trouble choosing which colour is most suited to your skin tone you can blend different colours together until you find the right shade. The pots are quite expensive but go a long way. I don't use much make up on my face at all as I prefer the natural look, but if I'm going out I'll apply some of this and one application lasts the whole night. I've been avoiding using it lately though, as I'm a bit wary of how it affects dermatitis, but I'm sure the occasional application won't do any harm!


  1. I swear we are the same person! I bought this last month!! In the light pink colour. I like it but I prefer the mineral make up I use, I'll be doing a post on it soon :)

  2. *Spooky Music*

    Now that's really weird! Hey we may as well just live together, it would save on food bills and we could share our cosmetics too, haha! ;)