Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nuts about Nuttolene!

Nuttolene is a vegetarian meat loaf made from blended peanuts, water and sea salt. I keep meaning to take photos and blog about it, but I hardly ever buy it and when I do, I just end up eating it all and remembering too late!

Nuttolene comes in a can and you have to open both ends and push it out like a big sausage. You can then cut slices off and use them as little burgers (they are great marinaded in BBQ sauce for barbecues, and fit in little burger buns perfectly) or chop it into cubes and eat it raw, grilled or fried with a salad. There are probably far more adventurous things you can do with it but I have not yet discovered what these things are!

There is a cheaper version of Nuttolene also in Holland & Barratt, under the name of "Granovita Nut Luncheon". It is very slightly higher in calories than Nuttolene for some reason, even though the ingredients are the same. It is also a lot cheaper! This is the brand I usually go for.

I nabbed the two images below from - the second picture shows the Nuttolene dipped in a flour and water mixture and then rolled in a spicy ground nut mix. They were then oven baked. I'm going to try my own variation of this next time I purchase a can of this lovely stuff, as I have a nice southern fried spicy mixture and some stuffing mix sitting in the cupboard begging to be used :)

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