Saturday, May 8, 2010

Temple Bar Food Market

Every Saturday there is a food market in the square outside the Gallery of Photography in Temple bar, with stalls selling hot and cold food such as olives, cheeses, barbecued meat, breads, cakes, Indian snacks, fajitas and burritos, hot dogs and noodle dishes. I went there last weekend and forgot to take a photo, so went back this weekend armed with my camera - and of course it was also a good excuse to buy more food! There is a raw vegan food stall at this market (Natasha's Living Food) selling raw brownies, chocolates, fake cheesecakes made from cashew nut cream, falafels & crackers made with a dehydrator, sprouted hummus dips, etc. It all looks delicious! So here's a photo of some of the goodies on offer...

Disturbingly, one of the stalls sells HORSE SKEWERS. I was really shocked by this, surely nobody wants to eat that here - do they?!?!!


  1. I love the market! That stall is by Natasha's Living Foods, the chocolate ganache slice is to DIE for. Seriously, her food is delicious!! I did a post about it here:

    Horse skewers!? That is so horrible :(

  2. Thanks for posting the link to your blog entry! I'm going to edit my entry and post the link to Natasha's site....

    I've tried their stuff before, it's lovely, but it's very expensive! I wish I could afford to eat their food more often... but I know the price is justified because the ingredients are just so good and they take such time and care preparing the food, you just know that it's amazing!

    I'm really curious about these horse skewers now. I wonder if the horses were killed in Ireland, or if the meat was imported? I assume it was imported, if I was a meat eater I really wouldn't trust meat that has been shipped in from other countries, it really can't be at all fresh :-/

  3. Yeah I totally agree that the products are certainly not cheap! They're an indulgence but a healthy one at least :) I think when I get paid at the end of the month I'll buy a few things and stock up. I have noticed the prices of her products have reduced in the past year though, so I think Natasha is conscious of how much people want to spend.
    A tip - her products are cheaper at the stall, they're more expensive to buy in stores like Nourish or Fallon & Byrne.
    Thanks so much for linking to my post!

    God, horse skewers...I don't even want to think about it. Even when I was a meat-eater I was a very 'particular' one and I never would have dreamed of eating an animal like a horse. It just seems absolutely needless and upsetting to think of a horse being killed so that someone can eat it...Horrible :( I don't even want to think of how it was treated beforehand.

  4. What I find odd about meat eaters though, is how a lot of them would think that eating a horse, cat or dog was disgusting, yet find eating a sheep, cow or pig totally acceptable. What makes one animal more acceptable to eat than another? I really don't get that! Meat is meat, at the end of the day...

    Thanks for the tip about buying at the stall, if you sign up for their newsletter you get a password and can get free cake at the stall if you say the password! An excellent idea, but I'd feel a bit mean going along and just saying the password to get free cake, so I'd definitely have to buy something as well!! I love their crackers, so I might get some next weekend along with my free cake :D

  5. Can you tell me the name of the stall that sells the horse meat, i had one before and it was savage so i am looking to buy more. Thanks for your help