Saturday, April 24, 2010


Who doesn't love bubbles? Bubbles in the bath, bubbly champagne, bubbling jacuzzis, bubbles that you blow around you in the wind while pretending to be a fairy... *ahem*

This is my first go at making a bubble drink. The "bubbles" are tapioca balls that I got from the asian market, and are exactly the same ones as I found on this blog.

There are so many different recipes for bubble drinks. You can put them in smoothies, have them with iced coffee, iced tea, cold green tea / fruit tea, soya milk, rice milk, etc. The possibilities are endless! I have an awesome idea in my head for a white russian alcoholic bubble drink!

I made mine with rice milk and a dash of vanilla essence, as I'm pretty new to this and wanted to keep it simple. The packet of tapioca balls I got said to boil them for 5 minutes and then mix them into a sugary solution (I used xylitol). I should technically have a massive oversized straw to suck the tapioca through as I drink, but I have no idea where to get a straw that big! I might get smaller tapioca balls next time.

For more information on bubble drinks have a look at the Wikipedia page!


  1. oh wow! I was only wondering about these the other day!! what do the tapioca bubbles taste like?! which market did you get them in?

  2. have it with frozen yogurt~ its delicious!!

  3. Well they are a bit tasteless, but that's why you soak them first in a sugary solution for a while after you've boiled them. They are really soft but a little chewy. Really fun to eat! I got them in the asian market next to the luas stop opposite the jervis shopping centre. I got some smaller ones too, which will probably be much better because I haven't got a huge enough straw for these ones ;)

    Thanks mr.pineapple I'll have to try that! :)