Saturday, April 10, 2010

Better than Reese's!

As I was tucking into this final chocolate, it suddenly dawned on me... OMGOSHNOOOO! I haven't taken a picture for the blog!! So here's a picture, of a half eaten chocolate peanut butter cup that I made.

I got tiny little silicone molds from the baking section of Homestore+More, filled the bottom halves of them with molten dark chocolate and squeezed the edges so that the chocolate coated up the sides as well. I let them set in the fridge and then I put a dollop of natural peanut butter in the middle with a whole peanut, before setting them again for a little while and pouring more molten dark chocolate on the top. The result was these nifty little creations. The boy thought they were delicious, but  I (even though I polished them off alarmingly quickly) didn't think they were up to scratch. I should have used a more solid peanut butter. This one (Meridian) was too liquidy and didn't set hard, which I suppose was quite nice in that it had a kind of a similarity to a caramel truffle, the way you bite through a dark chocolate hard shell into the soft filling inside. I really wanted mine to be firmer though, for the more authentic Reeses texture and taste. Next time I will make them even better - but they were lovely all the same!

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