Saturday, March 6, 2010

Easy Vegan Party Nibbles

I've been busying myself this afternoon making some vegan treats for my boyfriend's party. We're having a few people over tonight and as well as nuts and popcorn, I decided to make a few more healthy snacks for us. I could eat for Ireland (and Wales too, which is where I'm originally from!) when I've had a few drinks, so instead of chowing down on unhealthy carb-alicious snacks I thought it would be better for myself to have something decent to nibble on... and maybe sneaking a few bits of fruit and veg onto the table will also benefit the guys a little! ;)

Here are my mandarin, grape & mango skewers drizzled with dark chocolate (I made TWO plates full!) :

And I also managed to make some cherry tomato halves wrapped in sweet, grilled pimento peppers that have been preserved in vinegar. These will be delicious too! I totally forgot to get olives in the supermarket, these were going to be on the skewers too, but maybe in the end it was a good thing that it slipped my mind as not many people I know seem to like them anyway.


  1. Really good idea! Simple and tasty!! Thumbs up!

  2. Being a meat eater I'm expecting vegan visitors for Christmas day and the above recipes will help me a lot. Hubby even said they look good!
    Thanks a lot from Waiheke Island N.Z.