Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pretty Salads

It really annoys me when people say "Salads are really boring and take so long to prepare! I'd just rather grab something quickly and always end up eating really unhealthily!". Most salads take hardly any effort at all, this took only a couple of minutes to prepare: Rocket on the base; pickled red cabbage on top of that; then scatter sliced baby corn, halved cherry tomatoes, chopped up cucumber and mixed seeds over the cabbage; top with a whole grilled pimento pepper cut into slices and garnish with relish on the side. And hey presto! An easy and very colourful, tasty salad! This is a normal salad for me. Sometimes it has different ingredients such as shredded carrot/apple and beetroot, amongst other things - I just love fresh food, I could live off Salad!

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