Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easter Bunnies!

Oh my gosh, I have totally seen what I want for Easter... if anybody would buy me one?! I think the boy will buy one for me, as I've been hinting. Like, big fat whopping great big hints that I think he may actually get!! They're dark chocolate bunnies in Aldi. I can't remember the make or the price, but all I know is that they were damn cheap, totally vegan, and very VERY cute! There was a reindeer amongst them... hehe. I think he's a bit late/early arriving in the shops ;)

Aren't they adorable? I'll have three please!!

If you are considerably richer than I am at the moment then Tesco have three vegan Easter eggs on offer, as far as I can make out. "Celtic" have a dark chocolate egg with accompanying smaller dairy free chocolates. The Kinnerton egg is pretty much free from anything anyone could possibly be allergic to and looks gorgeous and comes with a large bar of dark chocolate. Tesco also stock Elizabeth Shaw's dark mint chocolate egg, which should be lovely because their individual little mint chocolates are divine - but it's pretty expensive at around €11.99! The Kinnerton egg is around €6.99 and the Celtic is approximately €8.99 if I remember correctly. I'd be happy with a bunny though :)

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