Thursday, September 8, 2011

Git Me Some o'That!

They have a bit of a funny name alright, but Gits Food Company make some lovely products so they do!

I was at the Asian Market a few days ago and happened upon this lovely sachet of Chana Massala for only €1.65. As a fan of Chana Massala I just had to try it. One sachet serves two people, and the boyfriend went crazy over it! The chickpeas are so super soft, and it's obviously been marinading for so long in the packet that all the spices are soaked right into the tender pulses. WOW. Loads of their other Ready Meals are vegan as well, but be careful to check as some contain milk solids...

Gits also have a range of many different Bombay Mixes, which look fantastic! Check them out!

The site also has videos on how to make up their savouries and desserts. Easy Peasy :)


  1. I wish we had Indian ready meals available. I'd probably eat a serving of chana masala every day!

  2. omg I'm so excited, I am tres lazy and Indian food is my absolute fave. Score!

    I am particularly salivating at the thought of the Aru Raswala...but I can't see where it says whether they have milk in or not??


  3. I love ready-to-eat Indian meals! Tasty Bite makes some yummy ones for sale over here.

  4. Yes the website is kinda difficult when you want to view the ingredients. I think I looked at it on my phone once and was able to zoom in quite well though. I went through a few at the Asian market and there were two I found in their selection that were vegan. Wish they'd get more in! The desserts look amazing as well, and I'm sure you can substitute the milk and butter you have to add with soya equivalents. Can't wait to give them a go! xxx