Friday, September 9, 2011

Chinese Sweet Porridge

I've often seen cans like these in the Asian Market, and I needed a snack at lunchtime and for breakfast tomorrow, so I decided to try something new and bought a couple of cans.

I'm SO GLAD I did.

Made from mixed beans, glutenous rice, oats, longan fruit and sugar... these are just a perfect balance between healthy and naughty! I will probably strain them in future as I found there was a bit too much syrup for my liking, but I shall definitely be having them again as they are filling and I can imagine it keeping me going for quite some time considering it's such a small can.

So if you love Asian food, have a real sweet tooth, but still want to feel like you're not being totally unhealthy - give it a go!


  1. How odd! Might give it a go if I can find some tho.

  2. I think it probably needs some getting used to, for the average palate!! But I love anything sweet and beany... maybe I'm just weird?! ;)