Friday, February 4, 2011

I Love You, Gremlindog!

So it's been 4 months since I got my Lurcher pup Gerry. Wow he's grown, I didn't really realise how much till I was looking at some old photos of him today.

He's such a handsome lad now, and since cutting down his meat intake his skin has improved tremendously and he's so full of energy and is fighting fit. He's such a cheeky little lad, he makes me laugh so much... he spontaneously leaps in the lake to run after swans, he pulls this funny little gremlin face in the mornings when he stretches, he puts his head under the duvet in the morning and nibbles my toes to wake me up, and he'll chase me for miles on my bike. I'm also constantly amazed at how obedient he is... he woofs, twirls around and hi-5's on command, he always comes when he's called, he never does anything naughty around the house, and he is so good around other dogs and people. I just love him to bits and couldn't imagine being without him!

The only meat in his diet now is in his Red Mills kibble - and that is only a small percentage of Irish reared, organic chicken. Everything else he eats is vegan. I'm so glad I changed his diet and got rid of any indecent meat derivatives: the next order I'll be making is for Yarrah Vegetarian kibble at the end of March. Then in April, when he reaches a year old, he will be making his first trip to the vet to have a health check and get his boosters. Hopefully they will look at him and tell me what I already know - that he's on top form and that I'm doing well with him :)


  1. That's amazing that you feed him like that. I'd love to be able to do the same with my dog. If you haven't allready, give him carrots. My dog is in love with them. Goes just as crazy for them as she does for a piece of meat. And he is so cute! I love lurchers.

  2. Thanks Hannah! Yes he's a cutey and he knows it... and uses it to his advantage! ^_^

    HE LOVES CARROTS TOO! Goes mad over them! I'm lucky that he likes so many veggies and grains as I've heard some dogs are really fussy :(

  3. OMG, he's such a cutie!!! Vegan dogs are the best. Mine eats V-Dog and it's done wonders for his digestive issues.