Saturday, October 9, 2010

Veggie Doggie Cookies

I'm thoroughly exhausted!

Being a full-time mommy to a hyperactive Lurcher is one hell of a challenge! I am the one that walks him, but the boy took him out the other day while I was at work and I called him and it was pretty funny to hear him say he thought Gerry was hard work! He's really been keeping me fit :) A couple of friends came over last night and Gerry really got on well with them.

I decided to bake him some veggie doggie biscuits today. As he has kennel cough we've had to buy him some honey to soothe his throat, so I thought I'd also incorporate it into some homemade biscuits along with some peanut butter as a special treat for him. Normally I would obviously not have honey in the house, so feel free to substitute it with molasses, a sweet syrup or agave nectar - whatever your doggie likes the most.


- 3 Cups Flour
- 0.5 Cup Rolled Oats
- 1.5 Cups Soya Milk / Rice Milk / Water
- 2 tsp Baking Soda
- 1.5 Cups Peanut Butter
- 1 tbsp Honey / Molasses / Syrup

Knead the dough, roll out and cut with a cookie cutter. Bake for 20 mins on 350F (180C) until golden brown. Leave in the oven to cool and harden.

I froze the rest of the dough so I can just take it out a little in advance next time I want to make a batch of cookies for him. This mixture makes LOADS! Gerry really liked them and I think they will really come in useful for training as he always wants more. Humans can eat them too of course, and it's nice to be able to feed him something that I've baked myself which doesn't contain any artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives.


  1. he is so lovely! looks like you are doing really well and it's really good how you can make things for doggies and humans!!

  2. Ah they aren't that nice for humans, I had a nibble on one and they aren't sweet enough... but that's fine for him :) Also, the honey and benylin has worked wonders on his cough, he's so much better now! I also let him off the lead for the first time the other day in a small enclosed park with another dog and his recall was excellent, and he's getting used to being with other dogs, so I'm really happy!

  3. thats really brilliant, i am really pleased for you!! you have put me in the moody for getting a doggie now. i think its such a great and exciting challange! maybe one day, not right for me just now. Emily is enough lol!

  4. He is beautiful! I just found your blog. Remember you left me a question, about Sammy's vegan diet and the transition to it?(Did You see my answer?) I'm so glad to see things are going well for you.
    Cookies are looking awesome. I always taste Sammy's treats and food and it seems like the main difference is that it's less sweet and spicy then our food.

  5. Hi there Whiterabbit! I've been soooo busy since getting Gerry that I've hardly had time to go online or blog! I've seen your reply, I'll answer it now on your blog. Thanks SO much, there's so many great tips there, I really appreciate your long reply! x

    Pixierose, everyone on my facebook wants a dog now hahaha! ;) x