Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oodles of NOodles

I was totally inspired by Bianca over at Vegan Crunk to make my own ramen noodle soup, as we have several Asian markets in Dublin selling aisle upon aisle of different varieties of packaged noodles. I'd normally stay well away from things like this because I know how calorie laden they are and how very little nutrition is in them. However it really appealed to me that you can make a soup from them and add your own ingredients to make it a more satisfying, tasty and nutritionally balanced meal.

I chose to add a few mixed beans and chickpeas, green french beans and some Chinese mock pork (fried gluten/seitan) and of course piled on the chilli powder, artificial chicken flavour stock and garlic oil that came with the noodles. The result was a large, super delicious and super spicy bowl of ramen soup, very like the ones they serve at Wagamama. The mock pork was tender and combined with the mixed beans added a lot of protein to the meal. Of course you can add whatever you like... next time I might try fried tofu puffs, shitake mushrooms and some wakame seaweed. I could definitely eat another bowlful, it was that good!


  1. Yum!!! Ramen is definitely my favorite food on the planet. And I see you found Mama brand there too. That's my fave. Thanks for the plug, by the way. And fried tofu puffs? That sounds heavenly!

  2. Yes my boyfriend spotted the Mama ones first and was all like "oooh! artificial meat flavouring look!" and I told him that they were your favourite :) There are SO MANY to choose from I just thought it would be safest to go for those ones instead of spend forever reading the ingredients of all the others. I'd love to try their clear soup that you were talking about too. Noodles are great, I used to live off them as a student (who doesn't!?) and cooking them like this brought back some great memories but in a much healthier way! Thanks for all the ideas! x