Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gorgeous Grub at Govinda's!

I love the Hare Krishna café Govinda's so much, I really must go there more often. The food is SO CHEAP and they really pile it on the plate. I don't think there's anywhere you'd get so much tasty food for so little money. The boy and I spent the day in town together today and went to the café on Aungier Street for lunch (there are 3 Govindas around Dublin). He got the spring rolls and chilli dip, which I assume were vegan, and were filled with grated carrot, beansprouts, and peas, amongst other things. I ordered the vegan Subji with salad instead of rice. The vegan Subji of the day was a mildly spicy, tomatoey concoction of cauliflower, aubergines, peas, onions, french beans and carrots, and I chose the peanut cous cous and the apple, celery and beetroot salad as accompaniments. This huge plate came to just under €7.00 - what a bargain!  Govinda's also have samosas which are vegan, and a veggie burger which can be veganised on request. I think their soups are often vegan as well. I really can't wait to go back again, it's the place to visit if you're ravenous and want somewhere where you'll be served quickly and with a smile.

Yes, I am aware that I look a bit of a piglet eating all this compared to my boyfriend's plate!! It's his loss for not liking subji!

I also picked up this book for only €2.99 - 30 Minute Indian. It has a lot of recipes involving meat and dairy, but the vegetable (mostly vegan) and bread/rice sections are really worth picking this book up for. I'm sure even the recipes that are not vegetarian can be veganised. I can't wait to give the mushroom korma, stuffed okra, dahl tarka, bhajis, coconut fudge and pumpkin curry a whirl!


  1. Govinda's was the BEST meal I had when I visited Dublin three years ago, it made me so happy! I'm following your blog now...who knows, maybe I'll be lucky enough to go back again some time and then I'll know where all the good restaurants are :)

  2. Yes, their food is delicious!! I love everything about Govinda's! If you do come back over we'll have to meet up for some good eats ^_^