Friday, August 13, 2010

Field & Vine

There's a chain of health food shops in Dublin called "Field and Vine". I've only ever visited the Rathfarnham and Rathmines Upper branches so I'm not sure exactly how common they are in Ireland. However, the times I have visited have been very positive experiences.

They sell anything from fresh organic veg (I was rather tempted by the large, plump artichokes although am not sure yet what to cook them with so managed to resist!), fresh sandwiches and cakes, and a fresh salad/olive bar, to gourmet meats/fake meats, fairtrade chocolate, preserves and extensive dairy produce/dairy alternatives.

The shop is not entirely veggie or vegan, but as you can see has a few lovely vegan options at the salad bar. Their chickpea salad, the tabbouleh, and the fresh courgette salad look nice (pictured below), as does their seedy grated carrot and coriander salad. The other side of the salad bar is dedicated mainly to different types of olives. I remember before this shop in Rathmines Upper became "Field and Vine" it was called "The Olive Branch", and I used to go here to get tubs of sundried tomatoes and several decadent varieties of stuffed olives: a real treat!

As I have so much food in the house at the moment I opted for a couple of things I could keep in the fridge for a long time: some Tofu Breaded Nuggets by Provamel, and this Smoked Seitan Steak by Wheaty. The seitan was quite expensive for such a small burger-sized portion (at just under €3.50), but I do love seitan so I couldn't resist. Seitan is hard to get hold of in Ireland, as is vital wheat gluten, so it's even more difficult to make it! I plan to have these little delicacies next week and would like to buy some mozerella style Cheezley to melt onto the seitan and add it to a bagel or a bun with some BBQ sauce and rocket. NYOM! :)

I also found this ginger dark chocolate by Butlers (an Irish chocolate company) in the picture below on the left. I was unaware that they did this ginger bar, and have only really tasted their almond and orange chocolate before... which I may add is really worth checking out!

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