Sunday, July 4, 2010

Life would be Hell without Pizza!

I went to Hell Pizza TWICE this weekend! Their vegan pizzas are just lovely. I went with a group of friends and one of them didn't really want to eat much so he got some wedges and some of us donated him slices of our pizzas... and he was quite shocked that the vegan pizza was his favourite!

Here's a photo of the said article, a snack-size pizza with toppings of refried beans, spicy salsa, peppers, onions, tomato, gherkins and pineapple:

We spent an amazing weekend at the Kings of Concrete, chilling with my boyfriend's brother who was doing some artwork at the festival and cheering on a friend in the breakdancing competition, who came second. A weekend of good food, a lot of drinking and relaxing in the sun :)


  1. Yum! I love that pizza - minus the jalapenos ;)

  2. yes I get gherkins instead of the jalapenos and pineapple instead of the avocado! ^_^ it's HEAVEN, not hell! Next time I might ask for BBQ sauce instead of salsa. I'm one awkward customer!!! :-p

  3. i've always wanted to try here but friends are hesitant as its expensive. this looks delish minus the pineapple!

  4. Hehe yeah that's just my perverted and insatiable desire to have sweet things on pizzas! ;) The boy and I have arguments about what should and shouldn't go on a pizza!

    They have DESSERT PIZZAS at Hell too, one of them sounds lovely, with bananas and chocolate.... mmmm. Never tried one though, for fear of having a heart attack! But I'd love to... maybe next time!

    I don't think Hell is toooo expensive, well I see it as being worth it because where else are you going to get such a good vegan pizza when you're out and about? They are quite small I guess for €8, but they fill me quite nicely for a meal, and that is the same price as a lot of places would charge for a dish. I'm sure they won't be disappointed, everyone I know LOVES Hell.

    For value for money I'd definitely go to Govinda's... big eats for really cheap! :D