Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bagel Mania!

I've been having a couple of bagels here and there recently. Tesco's own value bagels and Weightwatchers bagels are surprisingly low in calories and make an excellent alternative to a plain old bun or sandwich. The other day I made a lovely rocket, cucumber, sweet pickled pimento pepper and beetroot bagel. It was so unexpectedly good, that by the time I thought I'd better document it for the blog, it was actually all in my tummy!

Today however, I made another one before heading to the gym to burn it off! I pan-fried some left over Polenta that had been marinading in BBQ sauce. I added some BBQ seasoning powder while frying it in olive oil. It was a bit unhealthy looking by the time it had cooked, but it was damn tasty! I put this in a bagel with a pickled pimento pepper and some lovely Irish tomato relish. It was heavenly!!! I'd have added some rocket if I'd have had any left in the fridge...

I guess I should have put the relish on the top half of the bagel so it could be seen in the photo as it looks a little plain here. I was a little too rushed to eat it before it got cold to faff around taking photos - but you get my drift! ;)


  1. Yum! I love bagel sandwiches, but I haven't had one in ages. BBQ polenta sounds like the perfect sandwich filling. Love the blog, by the way. Pretty pictures! I'm adding you to my blog roll so I'll remember to come back often.

  2. Awh thanks Bianca! That really means a lot to me because your blog is my ABSOLUTE favourite! This blog is only really just started since earlier this year, and I really need to get more into blogging mode and remember to take a lot more photos of food when I'm out and about places! It always slips my mind... and then the food is gone ;) Thanks for adding me to your blog roll and for being such an inspiration! x

  3. Hehe you're so cute, you really love your bagels :)