Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blazing Salads

Today I went for lunch at Blazing Salads, which is a little deli on Drury Street in Dublin 2, just down from the rear entrance to George's Street Arcade. Their salads are freshly prepared on the day and although filling a tub can be quite expensive, it is worth every cent. There are several salads available, all of which are vegan:

  • Tabouli
  • Fruity Red cabbage with orange & apple
  • Carrot with toasted almond in a lemon olive oil dressing
  • Noodles with spicy/balsamic shoyu dressing
  • Dutch white cabbage salad with dulse seaweed
  • Tossed mixed leaves, red onion shaved carrot with lemon & mustard
  • Chickpeas with carrot, red onion in chilli/lemon dressing
  • New potato with pinto bean, radicio in balsamic dressing  
  • Energy boosting lentil & barley salad  
  • Tomato, avocado, cucumber with fresh oregano, fresh mint & olive oil
  • Hummus

Blazing Salads also have a refrigerated section for sandwiches and healthy homemade ready-meals, a deli counter full of samosas, burgers, cakes and biscuits, and always have a few soups on offer. Most of their produce is vegetarian although there are several vegan options and it's definitely worth a visit - I guarantee that everything is so nice you won't be able to choose what to get, so you'll just have to keep on visiting! ;)

Here's a picture of a lovely hot cocoa with soya milk that I had while I relaxed on the streets of Temple Bar, chilling and chatting with friends.


  1. I love Blazing salads! Their salad is amazing and also, do they still do that soup and pizza slice offer for €6? That was pretty amazing too.

  2. I love Blazing Salads too! I think that all their stuff is vegetarian and mostly vegan though - the salad bar is all vegan :) It's just delicious. Freakily enough I was also in there yesterday :)
    Their millet and sweet potato burger is freaking delicious!!

  3. yes, I said the salads were all vegan ;) I also love that burger Aoife, it's delish!! All their burgers are nice. Next time I go in there I'm going to buy enough stuff to last me 3 days and review it all! :D

    Pizza slice and soup for €6??? That is pretty damn good! Didn't see that mentioned though... do they have a vegan pizza?


  4. I wasn't giving out, sorry!!
    They do have vegan pizzas with tofu cheese but I've never tried it

  5. hehe no I didn't mean you were giving out about it ;) I didn't know if you noticed I'd said that! I love that I can just go in and pile on the salad and not have to worry about looking at ingredients or anything. Ooh never tried fake cheese myself, I think I'll give it a go sometime... I just never saw it as a necessary ingredient really, but now I'd love to experiment x

  6. Cool :) I don't think I spotted it first time around, sorry!
    Yeah it is so awesome being able to just go in and have whatever you want and not to have to ask about ingredients. Did you try the kanten desserts? They're very unusual (like grainy jelly!?) but macrobiotic and nice! I was never a cheese person so have only tried fake cheese once and it was gross :P Would love to hear if you like the tofu cheese pizza :)

  7. Hey hun noticed your post and boards and thought I'd say farewell here, even though I'll be following your adventures here all the same ;) Kx

  8. Kanten desserts - what are these Aoife? Please elaborate!! ^_^

    Thanks Khrystyna, that's really sweet of you. I thought it was time to make an exit as it's not really doing much for me any more. I am happy enough doing my own thing and doing this blog :) xxx