Saturday, May 1, 2010


I absolutely love trying new food. Today was one of those great days where everything you eat is amazing. I went into town with a friend and had a lovely spicy bulgar wheat and chickpea salad at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen which was really nice, apart from the fact that it came with Raita (cucumber yoghurt dressing) that I somehow totally missed on the menu. So I had to scrape what I could of it off.... they also have a good range of veggie and lentil burgers, falafels, etc. My friend had the puy lentil burger which looked delicious. We then went to a couple of art galleries before stopping off at the food market in Temple Bar. I love it here and had forgotten how good it is. There is even a raw vegan food stall with lovely cakes and crackers (all very expensive though!) and the Indian stall seems to have quite a few vegan options. I opted for a spicy carrot and chickpea kofta, it was served with a hot tomato sauce and I really wanted a samosa too - maybe next time...

I completely forgot to take photos of everything mentioned above!! (I'm absolutely useless)

I picked up some Tempeh at the Asian Market. Now I just need a recipe because I have no idea what to do with it!

I also picked up some canned Seitan (I have no idea where to find it packaged?) which is fried gluten. It comes in several different forms in the Asian Market, this one was "mock duck" and it has a really meaty taste so is a good substitute if you like that kind of thing. It also has quite a meaty texture and shreds the same as meat too. I thought I'd also try out a tin of Greek aubergines in tomatoes and onion sauce. Was lovely! I mixed the mock duck and the aubergines together and put them inside a rice wrap used to make Summer Rolls. I had two of these for my dinner and they were absolutely delicious! Probably not the healthiest, as the aubergine dish was quite oily and the gluten was fried - but it was a nice vegan junk food dinner that really satisfied my taste buds and it was still a lot healthier and cheaper than getting a takeaway ;)

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