Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bubble and Squeak

I cannot deny that my breakfast this morning was pretty damn good! The other night I made the boyfriend some bubble & squeak patties with leftover potatoes and brussels sprouts. All I did was boil and then mash a few potatoes with some vegan margarine, chop some onions and fry them along with some already cooked and shredded brussels sprouts, then mix them all together and form them into little cakes. I coated the outside in flour to stop them getting sticky and to help them stay together when they were fried. I didn't measure or weigh my ingredients, and I didn't season it in any way because I love my potato and my sprouts just as they are! I ate them with a liberal application of HP brown sauce - perfect! Please excuse the terrible photo, my house seems to be awful when it comes to natural light.

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