Sunday, February 28, 2010

Asian Market Goodies

I went to the Asian Market today. I had been looking forward to my adventure all week and spent just under €14.00... this isn't everything I got for the money, I confess that I ate one of the glutenous rice & soya cakes and the boyfriend ate the crisps! So here is what I managed to NOT tuck into so that I could write this review. It was so difficult to choose what to get, there's a million and one things I wanted to buy, but I just didn't have the money and more importantly, didn't want my belly to get any bigger!

These pretty items are amazingly delicious glutenous cakes made from sticky rice flour and soya bean paste. I am totally addicted to them. They come in a variety of colours and shapes, but my favourite (which is not pictured, as I devoured it as soon as it was purchased!) is flavoured with pandan leaf and is bright green in colour with a layer of yellow soya bean paste sandwiched in the middle. The pretty multi-layered one on the right is flavoured with banana essence and I love the texture of it. The yellow bean paste layer is really soft and mushy, and the sticky white rice flour layer is slightly firmer. The cake on the left has a hard white outer with a slightly powdery texture to it and the same yellow soya bean paste inside. They are very sweet, probably not that good for you - but hey, I guess one every so often can't harm you much. These cakes, to me, taste like a mixture of marzipan and rice pudding. Sounds bizarre I know, but I love both of those things so it's heaven to me!

These are soft squares of puffed wheat flour with sugar and palm oil. Again, probably not something you should eat in large quantities, but they come wrapped in individual small squares perfect for a little snack. I suppose you could compare them to a rice crispie square, but more savoury and much softer. They are delicious and I hope they will serve in keeping my rice crispie square cravings at bay!

I have always loved cashew nuts, and edible rice paper, so these have been a favourite for a while. They are little round sandwiches of sugary cashew nuts with rice paper on the tops and bottoms. Heaven! You can get sesame seed versions as well (with no nuts).

These peanut brittle snacks are along the same lines as the cashew nut ones, only they have peanuts and sesame seeds in a hard, sugary mixture with no rice paper. Delicious! The individual packs are disappointingly small though, but still good to pop into a lunchbox to satisfy a sweet tooth.

I've never tried these before and am really looking forward to it: Taro chips! Well, I've tried them in the normal crisp format in mixed vegetable crisp bags before, but I've never tried them as actual "chipsticks". Should be an interesting (and probably nicer) take on the normal, boring potato based snack.

And finally, the good old Wasabi Peas and Spicy Dried Broad Beans. I love these so much. I really wish they came in smaller packets, as they are so addictive. Leaving me alone with a whole bag is a bad idea as it's physically impossible to stop eating them once you've opened a bag. I've never had the spicy broad beans before, only the normal kind and the garlic flavoured ones. Both are good so I expect the spicy ones will be just as tasty. They are so crunchy and salty. Probably really bad for you too, but you can kid yourself into thinking otherwise because they are broad beans! Wasabi peas are not as hot and disgusting as you may think, most varieties have a subtle flavour... unless you're like me and stuff handfuls of them into your mouth at a time, then maybe it can get a little hot after a while!

Sadly, that is all I got to buy :( Next week I'll definitely be heading back for a couple more bits so I'll do another review, possibly also on more normal food items, not just snacks.

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