Monday, April 30, 2012

Recent Happenings

Yep, I deserve to have my wrists slapped, I've been very complacent with my blog this year. I thought I'd do a quick update for you all and report on everything that's been going on.

My new job is pretty much the reason for the lack of updates. I'm very busy nowadays and the last thing I want to do of an evening is spend all my free time online. It's mostly taken up with walking Gerry, we've been on loads of adventures lately with a new friend we have made and his 9 month old lurcher pup, Charlie. Here's a pic of them! This summer is going to be great :)

The new job itself is going grand, I'm very lucky to be working with people who I really get on with. They even went to the effort recently of ordering me a vegan pizza when we had a little office gathering, and everyone is always so interested in finding out exactly what vegans eat. There are a few people there who are on health kicks who often look to me for advice on dairy-free products and nutrition too, which is nice. Here's a pic of the pizza - just a regular veggie without the cheese, but it was still really good! Hmm. Looking at that picture now has made me a little annoyed as I did ask for extra pineapple, and there appears to be none on it! Funny how it's taken me over 2 months to realise this...!

I've hardly had any time to myself to do any photography, which kinda annoys me, but I suppose it hasn't really been the weather for it lately. I've taken a few pics though as you can see below. My lack of time also means that I've been rather unadventurous in the kitchen, hence no new recipes, and this month I'm going to go on a rather big detox... I'm far too fond of that Irish whiskey!! Time to stop going out drinking, stop buying so much ready-made food, and to get back to basics, eating fresh stuff and doing free activities to distract from drinking and spending money. I recently won a voucher in a RedBubble competition for one of my pictures, so I guess I should take that as an incentive to make more of an effort to get back into photography again instead of being so lazy all the time and just shooting snaps on my iPhone. They're still super pretty though, I love my iPhone!

Easter came and went without much ado - I got one Easter egg, a total surprise, of my boyfriend's mother. It was by the Celtic chocolate company: a dark chocolate egg with lovely dark chocolate mints. I'm not a huge fan of easter eggs, so my boyfriend bought me fluffy lambs and chicks instead :) I got my tattoo artist's dogs some dog friendly chocolate (carob) which is also vegan and I had no idea that you can actually buy dog easter eggs, otherwise I'd have bought one for Gerry!

Talking of tattoos, I probably haven't kept you all up to date at all with what I've been getting (I now have both feet, my back, my chest, and a lot of my arms done) - so I'll just show you my most recent one, which also happens to have vegan undertones to it. It's a scene from a medieval manuscript of two rabbits beating and skinning a man tied to a tree. A lot of people think I'm a bit crazy for having that on me, but not only is it to do with animal rights, but with the fact that I did my archaeology thesis on rabbits in the medieval economy for my masters degree. So I think it's rather fitting! Joe was more than happy to do it, of course, being a vegan himself, and I lent him a copy of The Plague Dogs, one of my favourite films. It's an animated tale by Richard Adams, about 2 dogs that escape from a research laboratory and who have to fight to survive in the wild whilst being hunted by everyone. A very morbid, dark tale, but well worth a watch. If you love Watership Down, this is right up your street!

So that's all my news, really! My dad is coming over from Wales in a couple of weeks time for his 70th birthday so that should be fun. I'll be treating him to a meal at my favourite Moroccan restaurant, and hopefully attempting to bake him a few treats and cakes! I'll definitely be blogging about that soon, to share either my success or my epic failures with you all :)

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