Thursday, December 1, 2011

Injured Pup!

I'm not sure if any of you know, but Gerry hurt his paw about a week ago and has been bandaged up and not allowed to exercise since. He is currently spending the night at the vet's and will be x-rayed tomorrow to see what the problem is. My boyfriend was out walking him and he ran down to the trees by the river and came back limping. The weird thing is that he wasn't crying at all - he's hurt his paw temporarily before and has uttered screams I've never wanted to witness again for the rest of my life, yet has been fine 2 minutes later after a cuddle and a treat! This time however, there was no indication of the cause of the problem. Tomorrow we will find out what exactly has gone wrong. He's been putting a bit more weight on it lately, but it's still swollen and sore. Not a great time for it to occur really, as soon as I've been made redundant! Luckily the insurance will cover most of it so I'll get my money back.

I've been treating him a lot since he has been poorly. I feel sorry for him being on house arrest. The only time he's been let outside in the last week is to do his business. He's been exceptionally good though, minimal complaining. It's as if he knows he's injured. When we've had falafels I've made him his own little portion. And when we had stewed spiced nutty apples he had his own doggie version without spices or sugar. He's also had a few puff pastry treats! The vegan kibble seems to be going down really well - no upset stomachs, no excessive pooing, very healthy coat... and he really looks forward to meal times! I have to monitor what he eats at the moment because he's getting no exercise. He seems to be adapting well though and it helps that I'm around for him most of the time.

I'll update soon regarding the status of his injury. I think it's either a dislocation or a fracture... fingers and paws crossed it's not broken! Here he is with his funny squeaky-fries toy! Apparently his two girlfriends (YES TWO!) have bought him a present, so next week he will have his first visitors he's had in a while and I'm sure he will be delighted! :)


  1. Hahaha - true to his ancestry, he's screamed bloody murder before huh? I hear that happens all the time with Greys. Ha. And usually it's over nothing. Such funny dogs.

    Poor Gerry, though! I hope it's neither a fracture nor a dislocation! Both would have him laid up in the house for days. Not ideal. Speaking entirely from experience, a very bored, hyper, house-arrested dog is not ideal at all lol.

  2. Yes, the blood-curdling Greyhound Scream of Death!! The GSOD! It's very famous, mostly for being uttered when there's absolutely nothing wrong at all! I have only heard it once and am in no rush to hear it again! :-/

    He actually hasn't been very hyper at all this week, and has been extremely lazy and good around the house. I can imagine these next couple of weeks when the injury begins to heal a bit more and he's capable of running around he will become more bored and want to play though!

    I'll keep you updated! Kisses to Elli! xxx