Friday, October 21, 2011

Remember Logan?

Do you remember Stretch? The little lurcher I rescued?

Well here are some more recent photos! He is now called Logan (Logi for short) and was transported from the rescue centre last month over to the UK by Erin Hounds. He was fostered by a lovely girl who I befriended on Facebook and who posted up these beautiful pictures of him. He looks so much better now and is really coming out of his shell, wanting to play with toys and always running over for a cuddle.

Logi is still looking for his forever home and a soft couch to sleep on and call his own... so if you would like to adopt him or know of someone who's looking for a new friend to share their home with, then get in touch with Erin Hounds today - his rescue information and more photos can be found here.


  1. ahw that's great! I'm glad to see him doing well, hopefully he will find his forever home soon. I had found a couple dogs over the Summer but found their owners in the end. It's hard letting them go!

  2. Thanks Hannah! I didn't get a chance to bond with him much as I only had him for a day, but he was such a cute little fella and I was definitely a bit upset I couldn't keep him... glad you helped those doggies get back home! x

  3. Aw, he looks like he doing great, thanks for the update. Fingers crossed he finds his forever home soon.

  4. Logan's a cutie, I'm glad that he's doing well! Just to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award that's been going around the blogsphere, check out my last post for what it entails :D