Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Relaunch...

Yes I am still alive! I plan to get this up and running again pretty soon... I suppose lately things have been pretty unmotivational seeing as I lack the money to spend as extravagantly as I used to when I worked full-time, so no restaurants or fancy lunches anywhere, and no travelling for a while either.

I did go to a festival in Dublin last month called Forbidden Fruit. Three bands I love (Battles, Caribou and Tera Melos) were playing, and Aphex Twin was the final act of the night. It was awesome!! My friend and fellow lurcher-lover, Cat (Naturetable), who follows me on here and who I met through writing this blog, was also there but we totally missed each other! There weren't many vegan options at the festival, shockingly, but Kanum Thai whom I absolutely love, had a stall there, so I got a lovely peanutty noodley tofu dish. NYOM! Here's a pic of Caribou I took on my super-old vintage lomo camera from the USSR at the festival - totally didn't know how it would turn out, I double exposed the band with the top of the stage and the sky (they brought the sun out while singing their track "Sun"!) so it worked out really well.

Gerry-pups is ok, he's been through the wars a little with the demodex mites. They were hard to get rid of and he had terrible reactions to the treatments he was given by the vet. His hairloss on his hind legs keeps improving and then getting worse again, so he had a biopsy and now that the mites have gone hopefully all will be well when he gets off the next course of antibiotics and Ivermec. I'm so relieved I got insurance for him, or this would have cost me a complete fortune. If he still doesn't improve later on this summer he'll have to have allergy tests. Paws and fingers crossed that it was just the demodex that triggered it though! Emotionally he's very happy, as lively and mischevious as ever... here he is chasing bunnies. Yup, that's one thing I have to put up with, although he never catches them, he just likes to play. He does enjoy running off with dead things though :-/

He's still not vegan, but is on high quality organic food with lots of yummy things in between like veggies, rice, soya yoghurts, fruit, vegan-specific chews, etc. I still can't find a vegan kibble in Ireland or the UK that I can afford at the moment, and to be honest I've had enough on my plate to worry about with his condition and having to feed him tablets, syringing medication into his mouth every day, worrying he's going to bite out his stitches and having to cope with the nasty effects of the antibiotics on his poor little stomach!! Hope to God that he's going to improve soon....

As for me, I'm spending most of my time taking photographs. I went to Connemara recently and had a lovely time, but there aren't any vegan shops down there or restaurants, as far as I know, so it was mainly self-catering using ingredients from the supermarkets in Clifden and the lovely "Country Shop" in Letterfrack which stocked a good number of organic and health food products.

I'm off to Wales next week, so....... on the 20th July I plan to relaunch this blog with a mighty-fine post from my favourite vegan eateries in Ceredigion, a ton of lovely pictures, and details of all the meals my wonderful father concocts for me with his home grown veg :)

See you all then!! xxx

I'll leave you with some pics I took in Connemara...


  1. Missed you! Glad to hear you're doing okay. And Aphex Twin! Wow...that is a blast from the past. :-)

  2. I'm glad you'll be backkk!

    Poor Gerry-man. :( Here's hoping he gets better very (very) soon!

  3. lovely pics!! look forward to your exciting posts! :)

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  5. Hi, first time here, you take some really good photos :-).


  6. Bianca: Yes a real blast from the past, was sooo good though, didn't really know what to expect - his visuals on the screen behind were amazing, freaky face mapping stuff, super-imposing horrible warped Richard D. James faces over faces in the crowd!! Speak again soon! xxx

    Ximena: Thank you! Glad you have your fingers crossed for Gerry :) I saw your baby is off her food... it's weird but Gerry has been as well. I think it's cos of his medication and his short break away with a friend of mine (probably just wanted her dog's food instead of his own), but I know how heartbreaking it can be when they just stare at the food they used to love, and go and sit back down in their basket :( Hope you find a solution soon, don't worry TOO much about her food being vegan or not, the main thing is that she's healthy and eating xxx

    PixieRose: Thank you so much!! Been so out of touch I'm gonna have to head over to everyone's blogs soon for a good old catch-up! Hope you're well! xxx

    Alessandra: Thank you so much, glad you enjoy the blog!

  7. Good to see a blog and catch up on you and Gerry. Lovely photos. Have a great time in Wales. x

  8. Glad to get an update on poor Gerry, I hope he gets better soon. I saw vegetarian dog food at the Dublin Food Co-op but I didn't check how much it was.
    I sympathise with your lack of funds, I do alot of cheap home-eating too!
    Love your photos and look forward to your blog relaunch :D

  9. Thanks girls!! I'm back now, and I've written my blog entry but just need to edit the photos! :)