Sunday, March 20, 2011

Greyhounds to China Protest

Today I attended a demonstration in Dublin city centre, to protest against the Irish Greyhound Board exporting greyhounds over to China for racing. There are no welfare policies for animals in China, so you can imagine what an awful life our Irish dogs will lead during their racing careers - not to mention what will happen to them afterwards.

It was a really decent turn out, and some people even brought their dogs along with them. Not only was it great to attend and show my support, but I even met some really nice, interesting people. I met up with lovely fellow vegan and lurcher lover, Cat, whom I've met through this blog and also managed to exchange details with a girl who lives not too far from me who owns a greyhound, so that we can organise some doggie meet-ups.

Here are some photos from today's protest. I'd really appreciate it if anyone, regardless of where you live in the world, could go HERE and sign the online petition. We have to stop this NOW.


  1. Well done for getting out there to protest, and for posting this. I literally had no idea :/

    Gerry rules!

  2. I have signed the petition, shared on Facebook and Tweeted it, so hopefully will get a few more signatures. Thanks for posting about this, those dogs will have terrible lives (and deaths) if this goes ahead, it must be stopped!

  3. Well done for protesting and thanks for blogging about this. Have singed and shared on FB.

  4. Hi everyone thanks for all the comments:

    Wrong Girl: I really had no idea either until just recently. It's shocking what happens, the public literally are kept in the dark about everything that goes on. 30,000 greyhounds in the UK and Ireland are "disposed of" annually either because they are injured and can't race, are not fast enough, or do not reach the standards as pups. I would like to, one day, adopt another dog for a companion for Gerry if I go back to full time work, so he's not alone all the time. I was thinking of adopting a whippet, but now after all of this, I think an ex-racer would be a far better option.

    Carol and T&S: Thank you SO MUCH for signing and passing the message around xxxxxx

  5. thanks for coming to our protest and for posting this and for the petition.
    Plans are in the making to put pressure on dept of Agriculture Minister to reject this proposal. Will be sending them around soon.
    Bernie Wright.

  6. Thank you Bernie! Sorry I haven't replied sooner, or to your emails, my dad has been visiting for the past week. I will be printing the flyer out and handing it around and posting it everywhere I can!