Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Shizz

A few random photos of goings on in Velovegan world lately:

1. New haircut
2. Vintage bracelet & cheapo ring I bought
3. The Long Hall - a place I love to drink
4. Meat is Murder
5. Valentine's gifts from The Boy <3
6. Adventures with Lollipops

Yes, things have been quiet. We are planning to have regular music, games (Sega Megadrive, Xbox, arcade emulators projected onto the studio wall from the PC) and movie nights with friends soon to save money and have something to look forward to mid-week. Time to break out the vegan snacks.... popcorn, crisps, raw veggies with salsa and hummus.

It's getting near to the time that Gerry's large bag of Red Mills is going to be replaced with Yarrah Bio-Vegetarian dog food. Updates will follow!

My father is coming to visit at the end of March for a few days. I'm super excited. Lots of nice vegan meals out... and probably many home-cooking disasters, as I always try to re-create my favourite dishes when he's over and somehow end up messing them up completely and scarring him for life.

I am meeting my friends from Kildare on Saturday, one of whom is a vegetarian. We'll be going for a birthday meal with her and checking out a couple of art galleries. Doin all dem kultural fings, loike.

Other than that, life has been peaceful. Well, actually, two very good and spontaneous drunken nights the past 2 weekends, but quieter than usual.

How is everyone?


  1. Love the haircut. Yeah, staying in with friends is the new going out! I'm in the middle of planning a cake and cocktail party.

  2. I had the same haircut last summer!

    I also have to try to stay in a little wallet is very light :/

  3. Thanks girls! Yes staying in and having friends over is definitely the way to go!

    So glad I got my hair cut again. I used to have a massive blonde fringe and the rest of it my natural colour shaved right around the back an sides and on top, kinda like Trev the girl from Thus Is England... But I'd been growing it out for 6 months and eventually got sick of it! Can't wait to spike it right up!

  4. God my iPhone is bad for typos! :-/