Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ikea Goodies!

We went to Ikea today, to get a few Christmas presents, some of their adorable wrapping paper and gift bags, as well as some food. Here's a picture of my haul:

From the left, clockwise:

Elderflower Cordial - I love Elderflower and it's normally so expensive to buy the cordial, so this decent sized bottle at under €3.00 was a steal.

Applecider Vinegar with Lingonberries - I've never actually used applecider vinegar. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do with it? It looked really nice and was only about €1.25 if I remember correctly.

Oat Biscuits & Cappuccino Thins - I've had the spiced orange version of these so I expect they will be just as yummy. The Oat biscuits are gorgeously crumbly and very moreish. They are quite rusk-like and not too sweet, and I tried them with some jam spread on top of them - delish!

Sour Cream and Onion Kettle Crisps - These are vegan despite the "cream" mentioned in the title. They are so good, really crunchy and crispy. I've had the ready salted version of them too, in smaller packets from their canteen.

Filter Coffee - For only €2.00 I couldn't really resist buying some.

Mustard Dressing with Dill - Surprisingly vegan, this is usually served over smoked salmon. I love it so much, it's so tangy and sharp, with a sweet mustardy taste. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, maybe use it as a raw vegetable dip or a salad dressing.

Dark Chocolate - The usual Ikea favourite, I can't not get one at only 45c a bar!

Strawberry Laces - My German friend, if you remember, sent me the toffee version of these and I hadn't seen them in Ikea before, but they were there this time so I decided to try a different flavour.

And below is a Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine and some Blackcurrant and Raspberry Jam. The wine can be mixed with vodka and served hot with raisins and almonds... can't wait to try this traditional Swedish drink!

And guess who couldn't stop looking at me as I ate my oatie biscuits with blueberry and raspberry jam??? YES... GERRY. He had a taster and give it the Gerry Seal of Approval (the GSA).

Here he is in his new little Christmas jumper! ^_^
He doesn't look impressed...


  1. Love Gerry's jumper. Thanks for the Ikea tips. I'm going on Thursday for the first time in 2 years and I'll definitely be checking out the food area now.

  2. I have YET to visit the new Ikea in my town. I hear great things about it -- and who knew they had a food section!? Now I must* go. Soon!

    You're not gonna believe what I found. I've been searching high and low for international shipping for Zuke's bones ever since you asked... for Mr. Gerry. And I came really close, but could only find the medium-sized bones. Not the large one Elli had. Amazon.com was the answer. They have a special drop down menu for international pet supplies shipping!

    Here's the link for (only one flavor/size of) Zukes, sorry: http://www.amazon.com/Zukes-Z-Ridge-Dental-Carrot-Breath/dp/B000EUJV1K/ref=sr_1_5?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1290585221&sr=1-5
    in case you're interested.
    you may want to check out doggy-gifts.com -- for large quantities of the larger size Z-ridges. I don't know their shipping policy for outside US orders, so definitely ask.

    for the squeakers, amazon again. :)
    (international shipping and all.) :)

    Gerry's sweater is adorable!! So is his face, like, Mom, what'd you put on me?! haha.

  3. @Pixie: Thanks!! He is always super cute whether he's trying to be or not! ;)

    @Tea: Yes Ikea is actually pretty good for vegan food, even though they only have a tiny food section. You really have to have a good hunt through everything though to find what's suitable, and look for the English ingredients lists which can sometimes be quite confusing! I really like eating in their canteen, the salad bowls are SO CHEAP and really fresh and good value. It only just occurred to me as well that you could get a bread roll and make your own sandwich out of it, which would be super nice. Their soup is usually vegan too, as well as their dark chocolate, chips and crisps, so there's always something good to choose from there. I'm sure you could even ask for a plate of veg, or just some pasta and tomato pasta sauce (usually on the kids menu). And they have a veggie hotdog available too, but I'm not sure if that's vegan or not. I wanted to try their "cloudberry jam", cloudberries are meant to be rare, but it cost way more than the other jams and I couldn't afford it! :-p

    @ximena: Thanks SOOOO much for all your research!! I will try get hold of those bones for Gerry after xmas (credit card maxed out at the moment!). Thanks for the tips about the squeakers too, that's definitely something worth looking into...

  4. I must say that you have a very nice blog! And it´s very fun to see that you have bought our swedish Glögg! I really like Glögg. If you go to IKEA more times before christmas I suggest that you look for Julmust wich we drink lots of in Sweden. I think that Sweden is the only country where coca cola doesn´t sell so much in december. And it´s all because of beloved julmust.

  5. Hi there! I will most certainly try to pick up some Julmust when I go to Ikea next, I love trying new things :) The Glogg was AMAZING! x