Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gerry's Diet Update

Since swapping Gerry onto Connolly's Red Mills Junior complete dog food he's been doing really well. As I mentioned before, it is made from pretty simple, organic, pure ingredients sourced in Ireland, with hypoallergenic qualities. The chicken in it is the only 'meat' he gets at the moment, and since stopping feeding him treats with any dairy or any cheap animal derivatives in them, his skin has improved greatly. I have read up extensively on vegetarian and vegan diets for dogs with skin disorders, and think that after Christmas has been and gone I will be swapping him onto Yarrah complete dog food which I have heard works wonders with dogs with food allergies. Originally I thought it was quite expensive, but I've come to realise that you have to pay more to get any decent quality dog food, and it works out the same as the Red Mills if I buy in bulk. I am also aware that some dogs can be allergic to soy however, so his transition onto Yarrah will have to be rethought if this is the case.

At the moment, although he is still on a meat based kibble, he is extremely happy with all his vegan treats that I have managed to find in local pet shops and over the internet - these range from dried sweet potatoes, to toughened rice bones, to vegetable based crunchy biscuits to chewy dental stars. He goes crazy for them! I'm still mixing some rice, beans and peas into his Red Mills as well. He's one happy, bright, sparky doggie! :)


  1. Hi there from the USA!!
    Just wanna say -- SO cool that I actually "know" an international vegan. :) haa. and her pup. :)
    And I wanted to tell ya you can find the Zuke's Z-Ridge Bones on Ebay, which may ship internationally and at, who I know for a fact ships internationally. Elli just polished hers off today -- after four days of chewing. Definitely worth the money for teething pups, even though they're not entirely vegan. :S
    I look forward to more updates on what you're feeding Gerry!

  2. Oh thanks for that info! I just went to try order 4 bones off and the shipping came to a ridiculous $105.00 to Ireland LOL, so I emailed them to ask them what that was all about! Really hope I can get Gerry some of those bones soon :) Thanks for following my blog, I am looking forward to finding out how Elli gets on too :) x