Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eating Cheaply

I've been on a bit of a budget recently, so as you can imagine the parcel I received from Germany was very welcome indeed and saved me a bit of money. This week I've been mainly trying to make all my ingredients last a long time. For example, using all the canned chopped tomatoes in stews and bolognaise, and using up a lot of several sorts of frozen veg and coconut milk by making Thai curries. Dried goods such as pasta, rice, buckwheat and pulses are so handy and also make for warm, filling and comforting food for colder Autumn weather and they go a long way. I've also tried to get into the habit of cooking a little bit more than necessary at dinner time so I can have the leftovers for my lunch the following day. It definitely saves money doing it that way. So in my attempt to live cheaply this week, here are a few things I've been eating, using mostly dried, canned and frozen ingredients... I successfully made all the ingredients in my cupboards last for about 2 weeks! 

Thai curry using some okra I got for €1, green beans and mushrooms:

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables with vegan pesto and brown pasta bows in my lunchbox:

Heinz Lentil and Vegetable Broth soups were on offer and handy to take to work:

Paella made with with fake chicken pieces, mixed beans, mixed veg and lots of seasoning:

I also had some nice vegetable cous cous from a packet, mixed with some lovely tender fresh cubes of squash which I didn't get the chance to take a photo of, as well as some yummy tomatoey lentil stews.


  1. I always make huge dinners and eat the leftovers for lunch for days. The winter veggie broth sounds neat! I've never seen that over here.

  2. emm your food looks yummy!! especially the thai curry. It's actually amazing what you can make from what you have in your cupboards!! i have amazed myself a few times. That's really good you managed to do it for nearly 2 weeks!!

  3. I know, I think I'm going to try to live as cheaply as possible from now on, it's my new goal! Also, I have a biiiig surprise for everyone (IF IT GOES AHEAD! I'll blog about it soon!) which will feature a lot in the blog and will influence my food buying/consumption... I'm really excited but don't want to reveal it just yet in case it falls through...

  4. That sounds exciting! Great post. I've been spending far too much recently. You've inspired me to look at ways of saving money on food whilst still eating well :)

  5. I don't think it was that good a post really, I just thought I'd better say SOMETHING seeing as I hadn't updated in a while! I was really racking my brains to think what I could write, I thought it was a bit boring actually :-p It is nice though, to use up food from the cupboards and see what things I can concoct from a limited supply of food. I don't normally eat many carby grains/rice/pasta so it's a nice change to be using some of those up.