Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eating Vegan in Dublin

If you're in Dublin and would like to eat vegan food, give these places a go:

- Govinda's
A Hare Krishna restaurant. They have three restaurants in Dublin but my favourite is on Aungier Street. They have a range of subji (different vegetables in sauces) that are served generously with rice. They have vegan samosas and veggie burgers as well. Just watch out for the paneer that can be concealed in the subji and looks convincingly like tofu!

- Café Bar Deli
They have a few starters like vegetable cruditées and dips, a vegan winter herb salad, and a warm salad of roast squash and peppers with cracked wheat (just ask for it without the tzatziki dressing). Not a huge range to choose from, but what I've had I've really loved.

- Cornucopia
This is THE place to come. I always used to be put off coming here as it was so small and you'd see people pretty much squashed against their window on Wicklow Street when it was busy! However they've expanded into the building next door now so there's more room, but it does fill up quickly! You go up to the counter and order there and everything that is vegan is marked. The Moroccan chickpea tagine is gorgeous, their range of salads are also yummy and the vegan tofucake (fake cheesecake) is out of this world! It can be quite annoying that the only dishes you can get are the ones that are on the counter when you go in. I've been in before, wanting a dish, but it hasn't been there... then later I've gone up to get a dessert and the chef's made a new batch and it's sitting there making me wish I'd come along a little bit later! However, it's good that they rotate their dishes, it encourages people to try different things and adds a bit of excitement and mystery!

- Juice
I've been here a couple of times, on George's Street, and it seems quite pricey for what you get. However they do lovely thai curries and the corn fritters (with no sour cream) are really tasty. Everything is vegan or vegetarian and the menu is quite fantastic, but as I said, they could do with giving larger portions as I remember being quite dissatisfied and feeling ripped off when I went there for brunch with the boyfriend.

- Yamamori
My Japanese restaurant of choice for vegan sushi, pumpkin burgers, cabbage rolls, gyoza, tofu dishes and miso soup. It is located on George's Street, opposite the arcade, and also there's Yamamori Sushi near the Halpenny Bridge

- Blazing Salads
This small deli is situated the opposite end of George's Street Arcade. The salad bar is scrumptious but can be quite expensive if you fill up one of their cartons. Best just take a small selection of everything and not get too carried away! They have pre-made sandwiches, frozen ready-meals and a counter with various baked treats, breads and lovely homemade burgers.

- Hell Pizza
WOW is all I can say about Hell's vegan pizza! It comes with refried beans on the base instead of cheese, and all my non-vegan friends have loved it just as much as a regular pizza. The staff are always willing to swap ingredients without any extra charge. Avacado on a pizza has never really appealed to me so I always ask for pineapple instead. I love this place!

There are obviously many more places that do vegan food and you can always ask for something to be omitted/substituted in a dish. Most Indian, Japanese and Chinese restaurants will have a lot on the menu that is vegan or can be adapted to become vegan on request.


  1. Hello velovegan!

    Thanks for the list...I'd also add that Juice on Georges St is overpriced and boring, especially as it's the only sit-down veggie restaurant in Dublin! Govindas rocks and thanks for the tip on Hell Pizza, will def give it a go.

  2. Hi Sarah! Only just saw your comment! I have only been to Juice a couple of times. Once for dinner with a friend and I was quite impressed (she got a lovely looking terrine too) but the other time I went for brunch with my boyfriend he got a TINY portion for what he paid, and was very unhappy! I wouldn't really go there again myself either. Hell and Govindas do rock though! so does Cornucopia! :)